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Multilingual Lawyer: Yunjeong Hwang

Episode 14

In this latest episode of the USLawEssentials Law & Language Podcast, Daniel Edelson interviews multilingual lawyer, Yunjeong Hwang (

Ms. Hwang is a South Korean attorney who specializes in representing expatriates living in South Korea and people overseas with legal issues related to South Korea. She advocates on behalf of her clients in a wide range of matters, including family law, commercial litigation, cases arising under tort law, and employment disputes.

Ms. Hwang explains how she protects her clients’ rights while remaining sensitive to their language barriers. We learn how a lawyer is very often more than just a person with knowledge of the law, but someone who counsels a client in extraordinarily challenging circumstances.  In addition to sharing examples of her recent cases, Ms. Hwang discusses how she helps international clients navigate the South Korean legal system.  

Ms. Hwang’s website is here:











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