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USLawEssentials Law & Language
The Multilingual Lawyer: Vitaliia Yurchak

 Episode 55

The USLawEssentials Law & Language podcast welcomes you to 2023 with a very special interview with multilingual lawyer Vitaliia Yurchak. Vitaliia is earned her first law degree in her home country of Ukraine. In addition, Vitaliia holds a Ph.D. Political Science and published 15 articles addressing political problems of international systems and global development.

After coming to the United States, Vitaliia earned her LL.M. from St. John’s University School of law where she also studied Legal English. This interview reunites Vitaliia with her former professor and the former Director of Legal English Programs at St. John’s, Stephen Horowitz.

Vitaliia shares her poignant memories of studying Legal English at St. John’s with Professor Horowitz and how she launched her law career in New York City after successfully passing the bar following her graduation from St. John’s.

 Vitaliia discusses her practice in New York City, the Law Offices of Vitaliia Yurchak, which focuses on Traffic Law, Immigration Law and Family Law and which serves many clients in the Ukrainian and Russian-speaking communities.

But this is a bitter-sweet episode as Vitaliia also discusses her volunteer work with Razom for Ukraine. Razom helps Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons who have come to the United States after fleeing the war in Ukraine.

We hope you are as inspired as we are by Vitaliia’s story of earning a second law degree, creating a successful practice in the United States, and volunteering to help Ukrainian refugees. And just as she has formed deep connections with her former classmates and professors from St. John’s, as well as with members of her community, we hope that you also feel a sense of community and belonging as we enter the new year.

Best of success to everyone and we are hopeful that we can all look forward to a peaceful and productive 2023.