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Preparing for a New Class: Behind the Scenes Part I

Episode 17

In this episode, Stephen Horowitz and Daniel Edelson discuss a one-week intensive class that Stephen will be teaching to LLM students at St. John’s University School of Law. The LLM students are beginning their study of US law and the course helps students better understand the US legal system and government. As Daniel had been teaching the course for a few years, Stephen talks to Daniel about his strategies for teaching the class.

This episode introduces students to some of the “behind the scenes” preparation and planning that Stephen and Daniel undertake before teaching US law and legal English. Coming soon, we discuss in detail some of the class lessons and activities.

As you listen to the episode, consider how you would answer the following questions in English:

What is federalism?

What is separation of powers?

What are checks and balances?

What is the Supremacy Clause?

What is the Bill of Rights?