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The Multilingual Lawyer: Quentin Alexandre

Episode 22

The USLawEssentials Law & Language Podcast continues its series of interviews with multilingual lawyers! In this episode, Stephen Horowitz interviews Quentin A. Alexandre, a newly admitted New York attorney from France.

Currently a litigation associate at Kennedy’s, Quentin not only speaks French and English, but also speaks German. He shares excellent insights on learning legal English, succeeding at a US law school, and building a professional career in the United States as a multilingual lawyer. For more insights, be sure to visit his blog at

You can visit Quentin’s attorney profile here:

Oh… and perhaps you should grab a pastry while listening to the podcast. Quentin suggests Levain bakery or Épicerie Boulud  Now we certainly do not want to cause any controversy, but if you know any Belgian attorneys who would like to counter Quentin’s suggestion that French baking might just be a bit better than Belgium’s, we will welcome counterarguments (and samples).

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