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Multilingual Legal Professional: Stephen Rifkind

The USLawEssentials Law & Language podcast continues its series of interviews with multilingual legal professionals as Daniel Edelson interviews translator Stephen Rifkind.

Stephen is originally from the United States and lives in Israel. In addition to translating a wide range of legal documents, he teaches English at Ort Braude College of Engineering.  

Fluent in English, Hebrew, French, and Russian, Stephen describes the excitement and challenge of translating documents not just from one language to another, but also the challenge of translating documents between different legal systems.

You can visit Stephen’s webiste and blog here:

Stephen’s love of language comes through in this interview as he shares his insights on what it means to effectively translate the language of law for different audiences. Among other things, we learn how his legal studies and sensitivity to different legal systems enable him to capture the meaning and intention of the original documents he translates.

This is a fun and fascinating introduction to the world of legal translation with an expert translator.