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The Multilingual Lawyer: Yi Song

Episode 25

The USLawEssentials Law & Language Podcast continues its series of interviews with multilingual lawyers. In today’s episode, Stephen Horowitz interviews Yi Song,   a US attorney from China, who is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law Center where she teaches legal writing to LLM students. This is a real “doozy” of an interview – – go ahead and listen to the interview to learn more about how to use “doozy” in a sentence!  Ms. Song discusses her career path from working at a NYC law firm, where she counseled clients on securities laws and immigration issues, to her current role as in-house counsel for a prominent Chinese real-estate developer.

Ms. Song shares fascinating perspectives on cross-cultural negotiations, and her experiences interacting with US attorneys and clients in China. Among other things, you’ll learn that it has not been so easy for Ms. Song to know when her clients prefer to interact with her in English or in Chinese and she also shares insightful advice for law students and new attorneys.

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