USLawEssentials Law & Language
Multilingual Lawyer: Karen Lundquist

Episode 41

The USLawEssentials Law & Language podcast continues its series of interviews with multilingual lawyers as Stephen Horowitz interviews Professor Karen Lundquist.  Karen Lundquist is an assistant professor of ESL and English skills at the University of Minnesota Law School, where, among other things she teaches legal writing, lawyering skills, and US law for LL.M. students.  She speaks both Italian and Spanish and in this interview she shares her remarkable experiences living, working, and studying in Italy, Chile, and Mexico.

Karen is also the author of Legal Writing and Legal Skills for Foreign LL.M. Students, an engaging textbook that helps international students improve their writing and lawyering skills.

This is an exciting interview with a professor offering candid and keen insights on the challenges international attorneys and students encounter as they learn to write and practice law in the United States.