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USLawEssentials Law & Language
Law Exam Essentials: Promissory Estoppel

Episode 42

Intrigue! Betrayal! A friendship on the line!

The USLawEssentials Law & Language podcast continues its Law Exam Essentials series as Stephen Horowitz & Daniel A. Edelson discuss promissory estoppel. The doctrine of promissory estoppel provides that a promise, unsupported by consideration, may still be enforceable where a party reasonably relies on the promise to its detriment. 

So will Stephen have to reimburse Daniel? Will Daniel ever trust Stephen again?  This episode will answer these important questions and will also help you understand an important contract law principle frequently tested on exams. Also,  the episode will introduce you to helpful legal English vocabulary, including “detrimental reliance.”

Watch a video on promissory estoppel below: