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USLawEssentials Law & Language
Analogies: 1

Episode 46

The USLawEssentials Law & Language podcast presents its 46th episode with a brand new series on analogies. This episode is a bit different from other episodes because your hosts, Stephen Horowitz and Daniel Edelson, don’t actually talk about law and legal English vocabulary. Instead, they discuss how international students & attorneys can improve their legal English vocabulary and analytical skills by practicing and explaining analogies.  

Today’s episode features two analogies taken from the SAT exam, a standardized test high school students typically take as part of their college applications. 

1. Car : Road :: Train:____ (Car is to Road as Train is to…)

    • Track
    • Vehicle
    • Fast
    • Wheel

 2.Arrival : Departure ::  ____ : Death (Arrival is to Departure as “Something” is to Death)

    • Life
    • Person
    • Birth
    • Train

What do you think? Easy? Tricky? Can you explain your answers in English?