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November 6 (wed)

7:30 pm EST
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Increase your test scores and gain confidence with less stress.  Join an online study group and improve your performance in law school and on the bar exam.



Contract Formation

Con Law


Essay Strategy

Effective outlining


Your Questions

You explained this for me in two minutes and my professor couldn’t do it in an hour.



My name is Daniel Edelson.  I am an attorney licensed to practice in NY and NJ and also an experienced tutor and teacher.  I enjoy working with law students and bar candidates.  People say I’m good at making complex topics simple and providing practical advice to help students perform better in law school and on exams.

What will we do?

This is a webinar and an online study group.  Together we review substantive topics and practice for exams.  Even if we review a topic on which you are not focusing, you will almost certainly find the practice helpful.  My style is practical, using examples and sample questions.  You will gain confidence and learn how to better answer questions on law school exams and the bar exam.

How does it work?

Register with the link below.  That’s it!  Once you are registered feel free to submit specific questions.  There is no charge  – – our next meeting is November 6, 2019 at 7:30 pm eastern time.