How does this Work?

your style is very easy to understand

— SJ, international student of finance living in NYC

How does this work?  Pretty simply.  Go to my Contact page.  Fill out the form with your questions.  I will provide a free 15 minute consultation.  If we need to go deeper we’ll arrange a 75 minute or a multi-hour session.  I’ll let you know what will be most economical.   Fees are very reasonable – – I charge $75 for 75 minutes or a set fee of $100 or $200 for multiple hours.   You pay online by credit card.

We’ll conduct our sessions by email and/or in an online conference  – –  usually some combination of both depending on your question and your preferences.  If you’re in a different time zone from me I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule.  Under time pressure or emotional pressure?  Let me know.  I respond quickly.  

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