I understand what remand is and why the appellate court remanded the case . . . I really thank you! If I have questions, I will ask you again.

— L. (law student from South Korea)

Are your services suitable for me?

Probably.  You might have come here because you have a question about an assignment or topic concerning the law.  Perhaps your professor spent a lot of time talking about theory, his latest book, and not enough time making sure you understood the basics.  Maybe you have a text book or a case with a lot of words but things aren’t making sense.  I can help you.  I’m not here to advance a novel theory of the law or to make you think I’m smart.  I want you to understand the law and the US legal system.  

How much does this cost?

Not much.  I charge $75 for 75 minutes.  That should be enough for me to prepare an explanatory email and examples and give us enough time to exchange some correspondence and perhaps talk by phone or video.   For bigger projects I’ll keep the cost down by charging a discounted set fee, up to around $200, probably less.  I’m not a clock watcher.  You’re not just going to get a one-off email or me jabbering on the phone, either.  I want you to understand and I’ll work hard to make sure that you do.  You might be able to join with some friends and divide the cost.  If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you receive a discount.  

What types of questions will you answer?

Pretty much anything that you will encounter in an undergraduate or law school class.  I also receive a number of questions about how the US legal system works from overseas professionals.  If it’s a topic that I can’t help you with I’ll let you know.   For students, obviously I can’t do your homework assignment for you but I’ll do what an honest tutor should do – – help you reach your full potential.  Just remember, I can’t give legal advice.

Wait, what do you mean you can’t give legal advice?

I can’t help you with an ongoing or potential case.  I can’t advise you about a legal problem you or your company are dealing with.  No tax planning.  I can’t tell you what you should do based on the law.  You need to talk to your lawyer.  

Is this service just for Americans or for people from other countries?

Both. You probably noted that my YouTube and blog were originally geared to students whose first language is not English or are from countries other than the United States.  You also might have noticed that on my videos I tend to speak slower than a native speaker normally speaks.  But I am a US attorney, born and raised in the United States, and most of my clients are from the United States.