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What Does a Law School Tutor Do? Do I Need One?

Tutoring Basics

People say I’m very good at simplifying difficult topics.  I’ll help you understand the law.  But more important, I’ll help you explain the law and apply it to facts so you score better on exams, get higher grades, and pass the bar.

Doing poorly in your first year of law school will affect your ability to secure a good job.  No one wants to take the bar examination over and over again.  I can save you time and frustration.

Do You Need a Law School Tutor?

Have you struggled on a previous law school exam or the bar?

Are you falling behind?

Are you unsure of how to prepare an outline?

Can you summarize the key points of law in every topic on your syllabus?

Do you know how to organize an answer on an examination?

Do you feel like you just can’t explain the law in a way that your examiner expects?

Everything You Need to Succeed in Law School





About Me

I’m an attorney and am experienced teaching US law to native English speakers and international students.  In addition to tutoring, I teach US law to LLM students at St. John’s University School of Law and have also taught in South Korea.

Substantive Legal Topics and Essay Strategies

I can help you with each of the substantive topics tested in law school and the bar exam (civ pro, evidence, property, torts, etc.).  In addition, I’ll show you how to maximize your score on essay questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will This Work?

We’ll work online unless you live in the New York City or New Jersey area in which case we may be able to meet in person.  First, we’ll review topics that you need help understanding.  After that, I’ll work with you on assignments, multiple choice, and essay questions.

How Do I Know if You Can Help Me?

Reserve a one hour session and see whether I can help you or not.

Do You Only Work With International Students?

No.  Although I have an extensive background working with students who come from other countries, I enjoy working with US students, too.

How Much?

I charge $100/hour.  If you book multiple sessions I offer a 10% discount.

Can You Work With Groups?

I’d be happy to work with your study group.   I offer discounts for group sessions.

You clarified this for me in four minutes and my professor could not do it one class.

I finally understand the US legal system.

You’re Amazing!! From a struggling bar student, thank you thank you thank you.



Please let me know your full name, email address, where you attend law school, and any particular topics with which you need help.  I’ll be in touch and we will arrange a time to work online.

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Please email first.


daniel at uslawessentials dot com