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Mini Version: Essay Outlining and Strategies, Personal Jurisdiction, Contracts and Battle of the Forms

November 6 Online Study Group: Winning Essay Strategies, Personal Jurisdiction, Contracts & Battle of the Forms

Our November 6 webinar covered outlining essays with a strategic system that will enable you to maximize your score on law school exams and the bar exam.  We reviewed general and specific jurisdiction and a sample essay question.  We also discussed unilateral contracts and introduced the battle of the forms and the UCC.

This is the mini version of the course and does not include an opportunity to submit a law exam essay for individual feedback.    The complete course is here

You will be able to test your knowledge with a quiz concerning the substantive topics that we discussed.

This course includes:

  • Recorded One hour webinar/study group
  • Essay practice and individual feedback to help you score higher on law school exams and the bar exam
  • Quiz to help ensure that you understand the substantive legal topics we discussed.