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New York Law Exam Quizzes III & IV  ONLINE QUIZ


These comprehensive online quizzes takes you through the fundamentals of New York family law and professional responsibility to prepare you for the New York Law Exam.

The best way to prepare for a multiple choice exam, such as the New York Law Exam, is by practicing multiple choice questions. These online quizzes provide 40 multiple choice questions that will enable you to assess your understanding of  New York law  and improve your performance on the exam.


All of the questions in this quizzes are multiple choice, just like the New York Law Exam.  Topics include matrimonial and family law and professional responsibility.

Each set of questions is tied to the material you are required to learn to pass the New York Law Exam.  Go through each question and select the best answer.


  • Matrimonial and Family Law
  • Laws governing marriage, divorce, and adoption


  • Professional Responsibility 
  • Laws governing the conduct of attorneys with respect to clients and the practice of law

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