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Law & Language: Jones v. Mississippi Podcast Course

Welcome!  The USLawEssentials Law & Language Series helps you improve your legal English by providing you with intensive but self-guided instruction in US law, vocabulary, and grammar. The course has been developed by two attorneys with decades of experience teaching US law and legal English.

This module teaches you key vocabulary from the Jones v. Mississippi podcast and improves your understanding of Legal English and substantive US law.

Each lesson in this course focuses on your reading, legal vocabulary, and comprehension skills. When you finish this course you will have a better understanding of key legal English vocabulary and improve your understanding of US court systems and case law.


  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Case Law
  • Court Systems


  • Reading comprehension
  • Differentiating language
  • Legal Vocabulary

Listen and Read

As part of this course you will listen to the Jones v. Mississippi podcast and read the transcript. This will help you improve your listening skills as you gain a more intuitive understanding of how speakers use legal English vocabulary conversationally.


Vocabulary Builder

Through exercises you will gain a deeper understanding of key legal English vocabulary.

Better understand US court systems

Studying the procedural history of a Supreme Court case and with clear visual explanations will help you understand how cases progress through the US court system and the structure of US state an federal court systems.

Course Overview

Podcast & Transcript

Listen to the podcast and follow along with the transcript. The transcript is organized and edited to help you follow the discussion easily and effectively.

Vocabulary Focus

Study key legal English vocabulary words from the podcast and develop a more intuitive understanding of how to use these words in context. After studying, you will be able to take a deeper look into the vocabulary by matching the spoken legal English to more formal written legal English. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the vocabulary and also provide you with an opportunity to improve your fluency by reading the sentences out loud.  

Learn about Court Systems in the United States

Learning about the Jones v. Mississippi Supreme Court case, you will also naturally gain a better understanding of US court systems. This lesson provides you with easy-to-understand written and visual explanations of how cases progress through the US court system. After reviewing the text, visuals, and videos, you will be able to assess your understanding with a quiz that tests your understanding of US court systems and related legal English vocabulary.


After enrolling in this first course in the Law & Language Series you’ll be able to take advantage of special offers on upcoming courses.

Daniel A. Edelson


Daniel Edelson teaches US law to LLM students and tutors JD students and bar exam candidates online.  In addition to teaching, Daniel creates short animated videos explaining fundamental legal concepts.   He is admitted to the bars of New York and New Jersey and represents clients in a wide-range of civil litigation matters.

Stephen Horowitz


Special thanks to Professor Stephen B. Horowitz (Georgetown Law, Legal English Faculty) for his helpful insights, ideas, perspectives, and feedback in the creation of this course module. Prof. Horowitz is a friend and a former St. John’s Law School colleague and has been a wonderful teacher, mentor, and innovator in the field of legal English.

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