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Introduction to US Law for International Students

Welcome!  The primary focus of this course is to provide you with a practical introduction to United States law and related legal English vocabulary. This course will introduce you to the Constitution of the United States, US Court Systems, Case Law, and Jurisprudence, Comparative Business Entities, Comparative Labor & Employment Law, and US Business Contracts.

When you finish this course you will have a more sophisticated understanding of US law and a better ability to compare US law to the law of your own country. The course is primarily designed for university students from Mexico but will be helpful for students from other countries, too.

Each course lesson is a total of approximately three hours and was presented live online. You will be watching the recorded versions of these presentations but you are as much a part of the course as the students who participated in person! You will have the opportunity to assess your understanding with quizzes, including multiple choice and short answer questions. 


Learn Sources of US Law

Understand sources of US law and principles of the US Constitution, statutes, and case law

Explain, Discuss, and Compare US Law

Develop skills to discuss and explain US law and compare US law to the law of the jurisdiction with which you are most familiar

Understand and practice Legal English

Through this course you will understand key legal English vocabulary that will enable you to precisely explain US law

Course Overview

Unit 1: Introduction to the US Constitution

Our first lesson introduces the Constitution of the United States and how the Constitution organizes the federal government and protects important freedoms.


Unit 2: Comparative Business Entities

Lesson 2 discusses how the US professionals select business entities, the differences among these business entities, and how US business entities compare to business organizations in other countries


Unit 3: US Court Systems, Case Law, & Jurisprudence

In this lesson we discuss US federal and state court systems, how cases progress in a civil litigation, and principles of case law and statutory interpretation.


Unit 4: Comparative Labor & Employment Law

This lesson discusses laws governing employment and workers’ rights in the United States


Unit 5: Introduction to US Business Contracts

We introduce laws governing the formation of contracts and the structure of US business contracts.


Wesley Howard


Wesley “Wes” Howard is a posgrado instructor in Comparative Business Law at the Facultad de Derecho, Universidad Panamericana, campus Guadalajara and the owner of Howard Law Firm, P.C. He represents clients in a variety of commercial matters.

Daniel A. Edelson

Instructor Daniel Edelson teaches US law to LLM students and tutors JD students and bar exam candidates online.  In addition to teaching, Daniel creates short animated videos explaining fundamental legal concepts.   He is admitted to the bars of New York and New Jersey and represents clients in a wide-range of civil litigation matters.

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