DBA is an acronym that stands for “Doing Business As”   Sometimes a person or company will conduct business under a name different from its true legal name.  For example, let’s say Connie Smith, a private individual, and Acme Food Suppliers both decide to sell cookies.  Connie might realize that she can sell more cookies if she conducts her cookie business as Connie’s Cookies and Acme Food Suppliers might do better as Grandma Patty’s Cookie Factory.  We can identify them respectively as Connie Smith dba Connie’s Cookies and Acme Food Suppliers dba Grandma Patty’s Cookie Factory.  This is usually perfectly legal but depending on the jurisdiction there may be different requirements to register the business name.

Now that you know what DBA stands for, you can try my new Legal English Quiz   You’ll find  a different acronym on the quiz: AKA.