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Can the executive branch ever create statutes?

Not exactly but…   1. Congress can delegate rule making authority to government agencies, including agencies that are within the executive branch.  For example, Congress delegates to the Department of Transportation the authority to make certain  types of rules regarding airport and traffic safety. AND 2. The President of the United States can issue executive orders.  Executive orders tell federal agencies and federal officers to do certain things. Executive orders are often controversial because, as your question suggests, this type of power is normally reserved for the legislative branch.  Courts can review the constitutionality of an executive...

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I undertand that there are 27 Amendments to the US Constitution. But how does the US amend the Constitution?

Article V of the Constitution describes how to amend the Constitution.  There are two ways.   Method I:    First, 2/3 of the House of Representatives and the Senate must approve the amendment.  Then, 3/4 of the states’ legislatures must approve the amendment.     Method II: 2/3 of the states call for a special convention to propose the amendment.  Then, 3/4 of the states’ legislatures must approve the amendment.  This method has never been used....

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Why is the United States Congress divided into houses?

When the United States was founded, each state wanted to protect its own power. Smaller states were afraid of losing power to larger states.  Larger states were afraid that even though their population was larger, they would not be proportionally represented in the legislature. A compromise to address these concerns was a legislature with two houses (“bicameral”). Representation in the House of Representatives is based on population.  States with more people have more representatives (for example, New York has close to 30 representatives, New Hampshire has only 2). Every state has two representatives in the Senate, regardless of population.  In this way, the Senate can check the House of Representatives.   Get a Civ Pro Quiz Ebook! 101 Civ Pro Questions and Explanations...

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